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    Your fist -- Just what it sounds like, it's your fist.
    Brass Knuckles -- Attach these to your fists for an extra punch.
    Baseball Bat -- Great for beating the hell out of anything you want to.
    Chainsaw -- Vroom vroom. You know what it is.
    Golf Club -- Great for hitting balls, and not just golf balls.
    Katana -- Carl Johnson. Thug. Gangsta. Samurai.
    Knife -- Walk up behind someone and hit Triangle to slit their throat. A
    lot of hookers carry these.
    Nightstick -- A cop's beatin' stick.
    Pool Stick -- For those who can't stand pool.
    Shovel -- Your standard all-purpose spade. There's one behind Ryder's
    9mm -- A plain ol' 9mm. Found on nearly all gangsters and cops. Gangster
    level reached at 10%, able to be dual weld at 100% by picking up another
    Desert Eagle -- A .50 caliber handgun that hurts like hell. Gangster
    reached at 20%.
    Silenced 9mm -- A 9mm with a silencer. Gangster level reached at 20%.
    Cannot be dual weld.
    Combat Shotgun -- A killer Spaz-12 auto-shotgun. Gangster at 20%.
    Sawn-off Shotgun -- Here you go. This is the ultimate melee weapon at
    Hitman level. You can dual wield these babies. Gangster at 20%.
    Shotgun -- A double-barreled shotgun that packs a punch. Gangster at 20%.
    Micro-SMG -- Faster than the Tec and slightly harder hitting. Gangster at
    10%. Can also be dual weld.
    MP5 -- The best of the SMGs by far. Gangster at 30%.   
    Tec9 -- A thug's gat. Weak, but effective. Gangster at 10%. Can be dual
Assault Rifles:
     AK-47 -- The terrorists weapon of choice. Gangster at 30%, get Hitman to
     become a headshot machine.
     M4 -- The counter-terrorist weapon of choice. Gangster at 20%.
    Country Rifle -- You have to scope with this one-shot rifle. It kills in
    two hits and has medium range.
    Sniper Rifle -- Take someone out before they know what hit them. Has a huge
    scope and kills in one hit.
    Flamethrower -- Burn baby burn.
    Heat-Seeking RPG -- Do I have to say anything?
    Minigun -- You can aim this now, unlike in VC. This thing is a killer
    weapon, and wipes out anything in its path.
    Rocket Launcher -- Fwooooosh.
    Grenades -- Meh.
    Molotovs -- Everyone's favorite fire bomb.
    Remote Explosive -- Here we go. Throw it, watch it stick, then switch to
    the detonator for some good time fun.
    Tear Gas -- Doesn't hurt cars, but wipes out crowds in a hurry.
    Camera -- For snapshots in SF. Also found in the same bedroom.
    Fire Extinguisher -- Extinguisher of fires. Also a fun way to suffocate
    some poor sap to death.
    Spray Can -- For spraying tags in LS. Found in the bedroom of the Johnson
    Cane -- A beatin' stick...of love. (Thanks RanjaMan for the fix).
    Dildo -- Yea, there's a dildo guys. It's in the shower of the LS police
    station, and you can give it as a gift. Target your girlfriend and hit L1
    to give it to her.
    Flowers -- Found throughout San Andreas. Perfect gifts for that special ho
    in your life.
    Jetpack -- Info by Cedric Jacobs: After the mission Green Goo out in the
    Desert, it spawns at the Verdant Meadows airfield afterwards. Controls:
    X = go up, Square = go down, L Analog = change directions, L2 = strafe
    left, R2 = strafe right, R2+L2 = hover.
    Parachute -- There's one on top of the hotel in SF, the huge circular
    building in LS, and on top of Mt. Chiliad. Other locations are on top of
    the highest Gant Bridge support, on top of The Big Ear in the Desert, and
    on top of the highest skyscraper of Las Venturas (need an aircraft to get
    to this location).   
    Thermal Goggles -- I don't know a damn thing about these, but you should
    know what heat vision goggles do.
    To increase your weapon skills on the weapons that have skills, kill
    things! Pedestrians are worth one point, enemy gang members are worth more,
    cops are worth the most. Turf wars are a good way to powerlevel your stats,
    as well as just long cop fights for fun. Hitman skill in AK, M4, 9mm, and
    MP5 are almost crucial for a lot of missions.
    Adrenaline -- These are found very scarcely throughout San Andreas. I've
    found one through all of my exploring. They aren't very exciting, all they
    do is create bullet time so you can see more blood for about a minute.
    Armor -- Body armor is found throughout San Andreas and in Ammunations. The
    first location is behind Sweet's house, in the aqueducts under an overpass.
    Camera Icon -- This appears from 0:01-4:00 in areas around SF. Take a
    picture of the area it's in. These are the hidden packages of SF.
    Health -- Health pickups only appear during certain missions and turf wars.
    Horseshoes -- The hidden packages of LV. These raise your luck stat.
    Oysters -- These are the underwater hidden packages found all throughout
    San Andreas. They raises sex appeal and lung capacity.
    Police Bribe -- A floating star is a police bribe that removes one wanted
    level from your current level.
    Two-Player Icon -- A floating pink icon with two people on it is a
    two-player icon. This starts either a two-player free roam or rampage. I'm
    going to leave it up to you guys to find these on your own. I hate location
    guides :/


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