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San Andreas Vehicles
V. Vehicle Info

A. SUVs and Station Wagons

   Huntley -- A four-door luxury SUV (Land Rover).

   Landstalker -- The same SUV from GTA3 and Vice that rolls with a gust of
   wind, or maybe if you hit a squirrel.

   Perennial -- The same wagon from GTA3 and Vice that rides at the speed of

   Rancher -- A nice two-door SUV that's a step up from the Landstalker. Late
   70s to early mid 80s Chevy Blazer K-5.

   Regina -- A Perennial look-alike.

   Romero -- A black hearse. There's one parked in Angel Pines.

   Solair -- A sportier station wagon found all over San Andreas.

B. 2-Door Sedans

   Alpha -- A simple two-door sedan with an rounded front end. A Dodge
   Stealth/Mitsubishi 3000GT.

   Blista Compact -- A Honda CRX look-alike.
   Bravura -- A simple two-door sedan with a pointed front end.

   Buccaneer -- An Esperanto look-alike.

   Cadrona -- A faster version of the Bravura.

   Club -- Late 80s or early 90s VW Rabbit, now called a Golf.

   Esperanto -- The same lowriding Caddy from GTA3 and Vice.

   Feltzer -- A convertible that rides just off the ground.

   Fortune -- The simplest of all sedans. Plain in every way.

   Hermes -- It looks like a PT Cruiser, if you need a reference from today.

   Hustler -- An old Ford T.

   Majestic -- An Esperanto that rides higher.

   Manana -- A sedan that looks and feels like it was made of cardboard.

   Picador -- Another Esperanto look-alike. It's a Ford Ranchero.

   Previon -- A sedan with a station wagon-style back end.

   Stafford -- A nice Manana with an elongated front end and a front grill.
   It looks like a Bentley. 1997-2005 or so Bentley, square front grill, boxy
   body, appears in Las Venturas off the strip near your girlfriend's house.

   Stallion -- A simple convertible sedan with weak handling. 1968-1970 Ford
   Mustang. Similar to the models right before they went with the huge bodies
   in the 70s.

   Tampa -- A beat-up Bravura look-alike.

   Virgo -- A stafford with a different front grill and a vinyl back window.

C. 4-Door Luxury Sedans

   Admiral -- A very pricy sedan that looks less ritzy than it really is. Looks
   like a diesel Mercedes from the early to mid 90s.

   Elegant -- A plane four-door sedan.

   Emperor -- A very nice looking Elegant that handles just the same.

   Euros -- A sporty sedan with a rounded front end. A 90-96 Nissan 300zx.

   Glendale -- A simple vintage Chevy.

   Greenwood -- The most basic, horribly handling sedan you can find.

   Intruder -- A sedan with an angled front end.

   Merit -- A simple sedan that looks like an Intruder. A Ford Crown Victoria.

   Nebula -- An Oldsmobile that looks just like an Inturder.

   Oceanic -- An old 50's Chevy.

   Premier -- It still looks like an Inturder. I can't tell the difference.

   Primo -- This also looks like an Intruder with a more rounded front.

   Sentinel -- The basic sedan from GTA3 and Vice that handles well and looks
   nice on the road. A 5 series BMW.

   Stretch -- It's a limo.

   Sunrise -- A lesser version of the Emperor that just doesn't handle quite
   as well. A 90-93 Honda Accord, slammed to the ground and front drive.

   Tahoma -- A fast accelerating sedan with a pointed front grill.

   Vincent -- A plain sedan with a square front end. A 7 series BMW.

   Washington -- A Vincent with a hood ornament to separate it from the rest.

   Willard -- A really dumbed down Sunrise. Has no rims on the tires.

D. Muscle Cars

   Buffalo -- The powerful sports car that Catalina drives. Mid-80s Chevy
   Camaro IROC with no IROC decals, but with dual hood scoops.

   Clover -- A more off-road, low riding muscle car that can really fly.

   Phoenix -- A nice looking Pontiac that can haul ass.

   Sabre -- A standard looking muscle car found all throughout San Andreas.
   1965-1970 Chevrolet Chevelle.

E. Street Racers

   Elegy -- Has low side skirts and a sleek design. An R32 Nissan Skyline.

   Flash -- Higher side skirts and a flashier looking hood. A riced out 88-91
   Civic Hatchback.

   Jester -- Same as the Elegy but it's a smaller car with a longer hood. It's
   a Toyota Supra Turbo.

   Stratum -- A street racing station wagon.A Volvo 850.

   Sultan -- A Flash with a different hood and no side skirts. It's a Subaru
   Impreza WRX STi.

   Uranus -- A lesser version of the Jester. A 89-94 Nissan 240sx S13

F. High Performance Vehicles

   Banshee -- A sleek convertible. One of the best in the game. It's a Dodge
   Viper RT/10.

   Bullet -- A Banshee without the convertible and with a racing strip. Your
   reward for all silver in driving school. Russ Kociuba says it's a Ford GT.

   Cheetah -- A low-riding, fast as hell Ferrari 512 Testarossa.

   Comet -- A Porsche 911 Cabriolet sports car.

   Hotknife -- Your reward for gold in driving school. An insanely awesome
   roadster with amazing speed.

   Hotring Racer -- This stock car is your reward for completing 8-Track.

   Infernus -- No longer than Lambourghini it was in GTA3, but obvious by it's
   style and spoiler. Steal one once and you'll know it forever. A 1995-2005
   Acura NSX.

   Super GT - Your reward for all bronze in driving school. A road racer with
   a gigantic spoiler. A Toyota Supra GT.

   Turismo -- A much lower version of the Infernus. Ferrari F40.

   Windsor -- It's luxurious, sporty, and powerful. I've yet to see one on the
   road, but it has a unique look that you just can't resist.

   ZR-350 -- A Mazda RX-7 sports car found all over San Andreas.

G. Heavy Trucks and Utility

   Benson -- A pickup with an overhanging camper.

   Boxville -- A really boxy van.

   Black Boxville -- A black Boxville that starts Home Invasions.

   Cement Truck -- It's a cement truck.

   Combine Harvester -- Farm equipment gone wild.

   DFT-30 -- A flatbed truck with an Isuzu or Mitsubishi-Fuso style truck cab.

   Dozer -- A bulldozer. Control the front with the right analog stick.

   Dumper -- A dump truck. Control the lift with the right analog stick.

   Dune -- An off-road transport truck that you get for completing Kick Start.
   Flatbed -- A large Flatbed truck found in construction areas.

   Hotdog -- Alex's Hotdog vans.

   Linerunner -- The smallest of the truck cabs.

   Mr. Whoopee -- The ice cream truck. Press L3 to hear the jingle.

   Mule -- A larger version of the Benson.

   Packer -- A portable ramp, great for motorcycle jumps. Use R3 to lift the
   ramp up and down and transport cars.

   Roadtrain -- The biggest of the truck cabs. This is HUGE.

   Tanker -- The cab that hauls tankers for the RS Haul missions.

   Tractor -- A riding tractor.

   Yankee -- The simple hauling truck from GTA3 and Vice.

H. Light Trucks and Vans

   Berkley's RC Van -- The vans that Zero wants you to destroy.

   Bobcat -- A simple pickup with Bobcat written on the back.

   Burrito -- A simple gangster van with no windows.

   Forklift -- Use the right analog stick to control the lift.

   Moonbeam -- The stupid soccer mom van with windows on all sides.

   Mower -- A riding lawn mower.

   Newsvan -- A Pony with a satellite dish on it.

   Pony -- A simple van with one window on each side.

   Rumpo -- A slightly smaller version of the Pony.

   Sadler -- Another simple two-door pickup.

   Tug -- An airplane tugger found near and on airport fields.

   Walton -- A pickup with a wooden fence in the back.

   Yosemite -- A much bigger version of the Sadler with more power. A Chevy
   Full-size dually pickup.

I. Lowriders

    Blade -- There are rarely hydraulics on this simple lowrider. Oldsmobile
    Cutlass convertable .

    Broadway -- A very stylish pimpmobile. Hit R3 to start pimping missions.

    Remington -- A boxy Caddilac lowrider.

    Savanna -- A four-door convertible lowrider. A 70s Chevy Impala.

    Slamvan -- A very sleek and fast lowrider.

    Tornado -- A tricked out 50s Chevy with hydraulics.

    Voodoo -- The most simple lowrider. Usually comes with the works and found
    in bright red.

J. Recreational

    Bandito -- A custom-made dune buggy.

    BF Injection -- A nice dune buggy with a roll cage and four wheel drive.

    Bloodring Banger -- A demolition derby lowrider that you get for completing
    the Blood Bowl.

    Caddy -- A golfcart.

    Camper -- A Volkswagon Combi Van.

    Journey -- A big RV found out in the countryside.

    Kart -- A crazy go cart found in some racing missions.

    Mesa -- An off-road jeep.

    Monster -- A monster truck that you get for completing 8-track.

    Patriot -- An off-road military Hummer.

    Quad -- An ATV that handles like crap on the roads. Keep it in the dirt.
    There's one on a farm in Blueberry Hills.

    Sandking -- An SUV tricked out with huge tires.

    Vortex -- A hovercraft vehicle that can go on land or sea.

K. Bikes and Motorcycles

    Bike -- A simple lowrider bike.

    BMX -- A BMX bike.

    Mountain Bike -- A bike that handles far better off road than on.

    BF-400 -- A crotch-rocket with amazing wheelie capabilities.

    Faggio -- A simple motor scooter.

    FCR-900 -- Get all silver at Bike school to get this. Faster than the
    BF-400 and PCJ, but still no match for the NRG.

    Freeway -- Your reward for all bronze at Bike school. A Harley hog.

    NRG-500 -- Get all gold at bike school for this. The fastest bike in the
    land by far. There's one on top of the parking garage near the LS Stadium.

    PCJ-600 -- A sport bike that was great back in the 80s.

    Pizzaboy -- The Well Stacked Co.'s delivery scooter. No pizza missions in
    San Andreas though.

    Sanchez -- The off-road dirty Sanchez is back.

    Wayfarer -- A laid back cruising road bike.

L. Civil Service and Transport

     Baggage -- Found in airports. A baggage handler.

     Brown Streak -- The Brown Streak freight train. Hit R3 for Freight

     Bus -- Your personal gang transportation system.

     Coach -- The same as a Bus. Really, there's like no difference.

     Freight -- A freight train. Hit R3 for Freight missions.

     Securicar -- A durable security car for transporting bank money.

     Sweeper -- A little baby street sweeper.   

     Towtruck -- Use the right analog stick to tow vehicles around.

     Trashmaster -- The trash van is back, too.

     Utility Van -- It's a PG&E utility truck. Not a van.

M. R3 Vehicles

     Ambulance -- Starts paramedic missions.

     Barracks -- An army flatbed. Starts Vigilante.

     Enforcer -- The SWAT truck. Starts Vigilante. Free armor for entering.

     FBI Rancher -- The FBI's version of the Rancher. Starts Vigilante.

     FBI Truck -- An off-road FBI SUV. Starts Vigilante.

     Firetruck -- Starts Firefighter.

     HPV1000 -- The police motorcycle. Starts Vigilante.

     Police -- Starts Vigilante. Five free shotgun rounds for entering.

     Ranger -- A police SUV found outside of towns. Starts Vigilante.

     Rhino -- Everyone's favorite tank. Right control stick controls the
     turret, O fires, R3 starts Vigilante.

     SWAT -- A crowd control SWAT vehicle. Does not start Vigilante, but it
     doesn't really fit anywhere else.

N. Airplanes

     AT-400 -- A passenger jet liner. Yes, you can steal it.

     Beagle -- A light dual prop plane. Great for travel.

     Cropduster -- A cropdusting biplane. There's one out in Bone County north
     of the large Quarry.

     Dodo -- The stupid two-winged plane is back and just as horrid as ever.
     There's an open one in the LS airport.

     Hydra -- Oh no I missed one vehicle out of 200, everyone send me e-mails
     complaining. A special miltiary plane that you get as a reward for doing
     some missions at Verdant Meadows. It's a Harrier jet.

     Nevada -- An old dual-prop passenger plane.

     Rustler -- A WWII fighter plane. All bronze in flight school gives you
     this as a reward.

     Shamal -- A private jet. There's an unlocked one at the LS airport.

     Skimmer -- The stupid sea plane from Vice is back, but now it can land
     on land or water

     Stuntplane -- A single-prop biplane. All silver in flight school unlocks
     this plane. Also used in race tournaments.

O. Helicopters
     Cargobob -- A transport helicopter that looks like military.

     Hunter -- The real military helicopter. R3 starts Vigilante (Brown
     Thunder). This is the ultimate crime fighter. All gold in pilot school
     gives this as your reward. An AH-64A Apache.

     Leviathan -- Appears in Verdant Meadows after Up, Up, and Away. Use O to
     drop the magnet onto cars.

     Raindance -- A big helicopter with no real interests.

     Sea Sparrow -- A helicopter that can land on water. Hit L1 for machine
     guns. Very nice.

     Sparrow -- A simple helicopter with a bubble cockpit.

P. Boats

     Coastguard -- A plain coast guard boat.

     Dingy -- A James Bond style inflatable raft.

     Jetmax -- A sleek speed boat. Get all gold at boat school for this.

     Launch -- An attack boat. Spiffy.

     Marquis -- A nice looking recreational boat. All bronze at boat school
     nabs you one of these.

     Predator -- The police boat, so you aren't safe at sea. Hit L1 for machine
     gun fire.

     Reefer -- A lame fishing boat.

     Speeder -- The second fastest boat in the sea. Very sleek and cool.

     Squallo -- A tenth of a step down from the Speeder is the Squallo. Almost
     as good, and it's your reward for all silver in boat school.

     Tropic -- A simple recreational boat.

Q. RC Cars

     RC Bandit -- A remote controlled race car.

     RC Baron -- A remote controlled biplane.

     RC Goblin -- A remote controlled helicopter.

     RC Tiger -- A remote controlled tank.

There are nearly 200 vehicles in GTA:SA. Have fun. More in-depth info on some
cars by Johnny Wales, Jon Palazzo, L. Faustini, Raymond Shao and KKgrandi,
since I really don't care about this section of the guide. If you want better
info, feel free to send it in. I am most certainly not a car connosieur, nor do
I care how that's even spelled.


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