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Shops of San Andreas
    Transfenders - Temple, Los Santos; Doherty, SF; Come-a-Lot, LV
    Opens upon completion of "Cesar Vialpando". Transfenders works on 65
    different types of cars, so just keep checking cars to see what it will or
    won't accept. These are the simplest of shops that only have basic
    upgrades, but working on nearly all cars is a great plus.
    All upgrades are strictly visual except Bass Boost, Nitrous, and
    Hydraulics. This is all pretty self-explanatory.
    Loco Low Co. - Willowfield, LS
    Opens upon completion of "Cesar Vialpando". Has tons of upgrades, but only
    for lowriders. Check the Lowrider section of the Vehicle info for more
    information on what cars constitute as lowriders.
    Wheel Arch Angels - Ocean Flats, SF
    Opens upon completion of Zeroing In. This place makes a few select cars
    into massive rice rockets. The only servicable cars are Uranus, Sultan,
    Elegy, Stratum, Jester, Slamvan, and Flash. You can get some very cool
    paint jobs and updgrades, including hydraulics and of course, NOS.

F. Stores Info
    This has the best items you can buy for stores.
    Binco (Open from the beginning)
    Key items:
    Green Hoody -- Respect:15 ; Sex Appeal:5
    Eris T-Shirt -- R:15 ; SA:7
    Green Jeans -- R:15 ; SA:5
    Hi-Top Sneaks -- R:3 ; SA:2
    Green Rag Back -- R:3 ; SA:2
    Suburban (Open from beginning)
    Key items:
    Bobo Ape T -- R:17 ; SA:13
    Red Bobo T -- R:12 ; SA:12
    Base 5 T -- R:15 ; SA:12
    Suburban T -- R:15 ; SA:10
    Mercury Hood -- R:15 ; SA:10
    Base 5 Hood -- R:20 ; SA:14
    Rockstar Hood -- R:175 ; SA:15
    Prolaps (Open from beginning)
    Key items:
    Track Top -- R:10 ; SA:15
    All Track Shorts -- R:5 ; SA:5
    Sun Glasses -- R:2 ; SA:1
    Mid-Top Sneaker -- R:5 ; SA:3
    ZIP (Open as you enter SF)
    Key items:
    Jean Jacket -- R:10 ; SA:20
    Beige/Olive Khakis -- R:10 ; SA:7
    Black Khakis -- R:8 ; SA:8
    Gray/Red Boots -- R:5 ; SA:5
    Zip Gold Watch -- R:2 ; SA:22
    Black/Brown Shades -- R:2 ; SA:22
    Black Sun Hat -- R:2 ; SA:2
    Victim (Open as you enter LV)
    Key items:
    Hooded Jacket -- R:17 ; SA:15
    Gray Jacket -- R:20 ; SA:25
    Black Jacket -- R:10 ; SA:20
    Bike Jacket -- R:17 ; SA:15
    Sports Jacket -- R:13 ; SA:17
    Gray/Black Pants -- R:8 ; SA:10
    Snakeskin -- R:5 ; SA:5
    Didlier Sachs (Open as you re-enter LS)
    All tops sans Letterman Top -- R:22-25 ; SA:25
    All legs  -- R:9-10 ; SA:10
    All shoes -- R:5 ; SA:5
    All chains -- R:2 ; SA:2
    Both watches suck. Ignore them. stick to the Zip Gold.
    All shades -- R:2 ; SA:2
    All hats -- R:2-3 ; SA:2
    Old Reece's Barber Shop in Idlewood
    Key cuts:
    Cornrow -- R:30 ; SA:30
    Flattop -- R:25 ; SA:25
    Playa De Seville Barber
    Key cuts:
    None. Nothing has over 20 R or SA.
    Gay Gordo's in Marina LS, Queens SF, and Redsands LV
    Key cuts:
    Blonde Cornrow -- R:30 ; SA:30
    Detail Cut -- R:25 ; SA:30
    Groove Cut -- R:30 ; SA:30
    Well-Stacked Pizza, Cluckin' Bell, Burger Shot
    Cheap meal is 1% fat, second is 2%, third is 3%, salad is 0% fat. Read
    above for the effects of fat.
    Tattoo Shops in Idlewood LS, Willowfield LS, Queens SF, and Redsands LV
    All tats are R:2-3 S:2-3, except the chest Bullet, which is S:1.  

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