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Gangs of San Andreas

    Grove Street Families -- Green, home in Ganton.

    Ballas -- Purple, a big force in all of Los Santos.

    Los Santos Vagos -- Yellow, a lesser Mexican gang of northeast Los Santos.

    Las Aztecas Varrios -- Cyan, another Meixcan gang at war with the Vagos.

    San Fierro Rifa -- Blue, a big Mexican gang of Garcia, San Fierro.

    Triads -- Red, the Chinese gang of Chinatown.

    Da Nang Thang -- The Vietnamese gang that controls Easter Basin, SF.

    Mafia -- The Italians that run some casinos in Las Venturas.

    Completing Doberman unlocks the ability to fight for turf. 

    Here's how Turf Wars really work. Start by recruiting a couple of gang
    members and heading into the territory of your choice. Kill a few gangsters
    and watch the turf war start. Here's the difference. Wave one is chump
    change. Pick them off, take the cash and gats, and get ready for wave two.
    Wave two is harder. We've got some AKs, some SMGs, and a few more gang
    members. Health icons and body armor spawn on the corners of the area
    under attack, and they can and WILL save your ass a few times. Wave three
    is Hell, however. Gangsters attack from all sides with AKs, SMGs, and I've
    even had a few drive-by me and I had to blow up the car. Once wave three is
    over, OG controls the turf.

    How do you survive this? Hitman status. Do some early gang wars and build
    your pistol, SMG, AK, and maybe Shotgun all up to Hitman. Hitman makes you
    a killing MACHINE. Target, HEADSHOT, target, HEADSHOT. It's the only way
    to take over all of LS, which some people really want to do.

    What's the point? CJ's house becomes an asset after this mission. The more
    territories you own, the more you collect. The more territories you own,
    the less gangsters shoot at you during side missions. The more territories
    you take over/defend, the more respect you have.

    Defend? What? Yea, at random times (also known as "whenever you least need
    it to happen"), any and every one of your territories can come under gang
    attack, even if all other gangs are wiped off the map. Simply drive over,
    take out as many as you can in car, bail out, and finish the rest on foot.
    You get some cash and respect for doing so, and you keep the territory.
    Also, since a lot of people have sent this in, just saving while your turf
    is under attack stops the gang war. It's cheap, but nice to know.

    After completion of "Green Sabre", you cannot do turf wars until you
    return to Los Santos far later in the game.

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